Ebay Scoops

What I’ve got my eye on at the moment. LOVE love love the Blondie shirt, and two pairs of vintage Balenciaga sunglasses for under $60 each. Seriously. Someone has to buy that shirt.

1. Vintage Blondie Shirt

2. Swedish Hasbeen Mary Janes

3. Black and white vintage Balenciaga sunglasses

4. Circa 1970’s Bonnie Cashin for Coach saddlebag

What have you found lately?

4 thoughts on “Ebay Scoops

  1. Serenity, how do you look for vintage stuff on Ebay? Do you know in advance what you’re looking for or just spend hours scrolling through pages until you discover something cool?

  2. Both! Sometimes it’s fun to browse, but it can be pretty overwhelming. You can find some really unexpected things that way, though. I usually know exactly what I’m looking for. In this case, I knew I wanted to write a quick post, so I found all this stuff in about 10 minutes.

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