Rivers and Abstractions

These beautiful and abstract images are in fact rivers flowing down the sides of Iceland’s many volcanos. Photographer Andre Ermolaev explains that  “it is an inexpressible combination of colors, lines, and patterns. The photo represents the mouth of the river falling into the ocean.

“A little bit upstream there is a yellow-colored brook flowing into the river, but yellow currents fail to mix with the main water flow.  One can estimate the scale judging by the car tracks that are clearly seen on the black sand. This is just a river, just a volcano, just our planet.”


via {my modern met}


20 thoughts on “Rivers and Abstractions

  1. My ex-husband is from Iceland and I was lucky enough to spend time in that beautiful country. It is one of the best places in the world for photography, but I’ve never seen images quite like yours. These are remarkable. Accurate depictions of what is in front of the camera but composed in such a way that the mind in encouraged to take a journey much farther and more abstract. What a delight these are to gaze at. Do you sell your images?

  2. Thanks for liking my blog post, I’ve just popped over to see your blog and you’ve posted these amazing shots. I love patterns like this found in nature, these are amazing ones, glad I came to visit 🙂

  3. My first visit here, and I’d have liked to show support for your work, but these photos are just too fabulous. Scrolling along on your home page, though, I’ve no doubt I’ll find no end of your stuff to admire.

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