Weekend Links + Friday Fiction Photo

{copyright Serenity Bolt Photography}

I took this photo last winter in Butte, Montana. An old hotel, a laundromat, a moving truck…surely there is a story here.

It’s up to you to tell it.

Your submissions can be as long or short as you want. I’ll post the winning entry next week. I can’t wait to find out what happened here!

Now, some links for your weekend perusal:

Timeless, simple gold and brass jewelry from South African designer Karin Rae Matthee.

Learn the surprising reason why it’s dark at night with this animated video.

Really beautiful Pendant lamps from recycled books.

How to make easy ghosts to put on a Halloween cake. Super cool!

Lessons learned from writing love letters to strangers. Ahhh…

A good list of things to do for fall at Orchid Grey.

And finally….this week’s selections from I Need A Music Guide (and I always need a guide!)

9 thoughts on “Weekend Links + Friday Fiction Photo

  1. It was 2:05 in the morning and Polette was still burdened with sorrow. she has her many reasons for doing what she did but now she realized that those very reasons hung over her husbands head. “Mat” she said, “It feels like forever that we haven’t seen eye to eye.” Mat was too busy looking in the mirror, he couldn’t help but feel unattached to her. You see after she cheated she no longer had beautifully vibrant sign of love dressed upon her. It actually took away all emotional, mental and even sexual desire he had of her. She was now a sign of the past with an even greater burden than he held himself. He looked into her eyes just once and the immediate thought he grasped was, “ho”. He looked away, ashamed that he had even bothered to look and try to find something to bring things back to the way they were. Mat looked down to his feet and all things became confusing, nothing made the usual sense that it normally should have…”foriegn” he managed to say. “What was that Mat?” she wondered. Hoping that a graze of conversation might bring him to appreciate her. Mat looked to the right of the room and the pictures of the two together no longer read practical meaning. Mat wanted to turn around and not look back, he wanted to move oh so far away from this trivial nonsense but it seemed only for a second that truck had already passed by and put a stop to his desires. “No Mat” He said as he gathered himself together. “This isn’t some issue that can be solved by the flip of a coin. She’s the two face, not you.” Does Mat stay or does he go and find someone, something, much more deserving in the vast and beautiful world behind him? Well..that’s just for Mat and perhaps a new sign to know.

    – Inked Pen

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