The Right Regrets

Not regretting anything in particular today, just finding myself in a reflective mood. Maybe it’s the leaves fluttering to the ground and signaling the coming chill, or perhaps it’s just the sense that seasonal change marches on whether we want it to or not.

Fall is usually my favorite season, but today it feels rather bleak. Maybe it’s time to get outside and crunch some leaves in the afternoon sun, pick the last autumn apples at a nearby farm, or buy a pumpkin or two.

How does the changing of the seasons make you feel?

5 thoughts on “The Right Regrets

  1. Fall is my FAVORITE time of year. I can’t stand the heat of the summer and the cold of winter seems to linger forever. The problem with fall is that summer usually invades its space and then right when it is the perfect everything, winter comes along and steals the show. I love it when summer turns to fall, but I don’t love fall turning into winter or spring turning into summer. Oh well!


  2. I’m biased, the Fall is my favourite season of the year, followed closely by winter. (I know, I’m weird). But the changing of the season, the steady loss of hours of daylight, does make me reach for the bottle of vitamin D to chase the S.A.D.D’s away.

  3. Well, to combine the opening quote with your query, the most recent change of seasons left me regretting that I didn’t take my daughters to the beach during summer.

    You should definitely crunch some leaves and grab an apple or two!

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