Bridge of Balloons

pont de singe by olivier grossetête
image © wilf

Imagine traipsing through the countryside and coming upon this dreamlike floating bridge, suspended by three balloons over a lake in Tatton’s Japanese garden in the UK.  French installation artist Olivier Grossetête‘s work ‘Pont de Singe’ delicately melds surrealism with the technical disciplines of design and engineering.

This piece is an extension of his earlier and more fanciful 2007 work ‘Pont Suspendu’- an installation of even more surrealistic dimensions consisting of three large balloons supporting a bridge-like structure, hovering in the air over Château Ferry Lacombe in Tret, France.

image © duncan hull

image © duncan hull

‘pont suspendu’, 2007
château ferry lacombe in tret, france

via {neatorama}

8 thoughts on “Bridge of Balloons

  1. Imagine how perfect this setting would be for a dreamy fashion editorial! Oh my!

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