Moon Pillows

Take a nap on the moon!

Or Mars, if you’re so inclined…

{Images via Design for Mankind by DQtrs}

Time-Lapse Footage Of A 430,000 Sq. Ft. Graffiti Art Project In Paris

An unbelievable underground museum of graffiti art has been painstakingly assembled in a ruined, abandoned grocery store in the north of Paris. Forty French artists and crews took over the building after police had cleared the space of its squatter residents.

The underground Mausolée space can’t be accessed by visitors, so the artists made this pretty incredible video so people can view the space and also to show how it came together.

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Oh, Summer

Waiting For Bardot

Did I mention that I am currently teaching English to businessmen in Saudi Arabia in the middle of the night? Lately I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, so to speak, in a not-exactly-glamorous way. Teaching at night, photographing a kids’ birthday party complete with bored adults and a bouncy castle during the day, pizza making, cake baking, and wrangling my puppy to make sure he didn’t actually eat any of my relatives during a birthday party in my tiny apartment.

Today  has been one long nap. Can I even make it to the beach?

images via {This Isn’t Happiness} and {Fabulous}

Your Childhood Toys Turned Inside Out

I really can’t decide which one has the best expression.



Outsiders are secondhand stuffed animals by Zurich designers, Samuel Coendet and Lea Gerber, who give toys from second-hand shops and forgotten corners of nursery schools a new life by opening, reversing, and putting them back together, eyes and all.

Oh they are goofy, a little sad and lovable indeed!

{Images via Dezeen by Atelier Volvox}