How to Style a 1930’s Half-Moon Manicure

Did you know that Depression-era glamour girls didn’t paint their nails the entire way? They left a half-moon at the top, and often left the tips bare too. Learn how to get a bit of pretty vintage glamour by learning the secret to this 1930’s trend.

How To Do A 30s-Style Moon ManicureArt Deco blog The Painted Woman points out that “In the early-mid ’30s, women usually only painted the center of the nail, leaving the half-moon cuticle and tips bare with the underside tinted with a nail-white pencil or cream.” It’s kind of like a French manicure in reverse, in a bold color like red.

How To Do A 30s-Style Moon Manicure

So, what polish colors were popular in the ’30s? According to the Painted Woman, “All reds — from rosy to deep crimson — were popular, of course. But it isn’t true that ‘they’ didn’t wear pink in the 30s. Pinks were very much seen, as were nice peachy-browns and tawny colors that looked nice with suntans (the concept of changing one’s make-up according to the season was not unknown to 30s women). Cutex color choices in 1932 were Natural, Rose, Coral, Cardinal, and Colorless. Revlon colors introduced for the summer of 1935 included ‘Sun Rose’ and ‘Chestnut.’ Cutex named the ‘smartest colors’ for 1936 as Rose, Ruby, and Rust…wild colors such as green, blue, black, and gold were indeed available.”

So how can you pull this off?

You’re going to need: hole reinforcers, a base coat of your choice; two colors of polish, a top coat of your choice, and nail polish remover.

How To Do A 30s-Style Moon Manicure

How To Do A 30s-Style Moon ManicureFirst, apply the base coat, then apply the color you want your “moons” to be, over the bottoms of your nails.

How To Do A 30s-Style Moon ManicureWhile the polish is drying, trim the hole reinforcers into narrower curves to fit the width of your individual nails. When your polish is dry, apply the hole reinforcers to each nail.Try to have the edge of the center hole be right at your cuticle.

How To Do A 30s-Style Moon Manicure

How To Do A 30s-Style Moon ManicureNext, apply your main polish color (usually a dark, dramatic shade).
Then, when you’re all done with the rest of your manicure, finish with your thumbs!
 Apply a top coat, let it dry, rub some oil or moisturizer into your cuticles, and revel in your instant vintage glamour.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Clear Skin


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I have been hearing about this vinegar beauty secret for years. My own sister swears by it, and leaves a cloudy bottle of the stuff lying around every time she visits.

As Gala Darling put it so succinctly, “No, it doesn’t come in a fancy bottle. It doesn’t smell like an expensive French spa or feel luxurious when you use it. In fact, it smells like salad dressing & it tastes downright disgusting.”

So why on earth would you want to inflict this upon yourself? It’s all about fermentation, my friends.

The fermentation process that turns apples into vinegar creates all kinds of amazing enzymes and nutrients that act as a magical elixir for your skin, hair, and general health.

Apple cider vinegar is anti-viral, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal due to its malic acid content. It  also contains potassium (helps prevent hair loss, keeps your teeth strong and prevents runny noses) as well as calcium (good for strong bones & teeth) and pectin which helps to regulate blood pressure & reduce bad cholesterol. It also helps with weight control because it contains acetic acid which keeps starch from being digested too fast and lowers the rise of glucose after eating.

It also cures sore throats (this was a huge part of my childhood- at the first sign of a scratchy throat, my mom would reach for the ol’ vinegar bottle!)

So how do you use Apple Cider Vinegar? Just drink a spoonful every day for glowing skin and also to prevent joint pain & stiffness, break down fats & speed up your metabolism, and get rid of heartburn. Note: mixing it with water and honey makes it taste infinitely better.

Apple Cider Vinegar

All right, so I’m finally a believer! I plan to give this stuff a month or two and see if I notice a difference.

Do you have any weird beauty secrets that you swear by?

{via GalaDarling}

DIY Brown Sugar Body Scrub


Hey, like the idea of smearing food all over yourself?

Well you’re in luck…there are a plethora of scrub recipes out there featuring ingredients normally found in a bowl of oatmeal, which seems to be the rule of food—>scrub acceptability.

There is no room for innovation in this field. Once you start rubbing baked beans on yourself, it just gets weird.

So consequently, there are an absolute ton of brown sugar scrub recipes out there. I filtered through them and they all seem to be a variant of this one, which came out really nicely.

This is a quick and (really) ridiculously easy brown sugar scrub that you can make in 5 minutes. I made a big batch of it last year and gave little jars of it away as Christmas presents. It looks really pretty in pint-sized canning jars. Just tie a ribbon around the top, wrap a piece of craft paper around the bottles, and draw a label on it.

Brown Sugar Body Scrub


1 cup brown sugar
½ cup sweetened almond oil
1 tsp vitamin E
1 tsp vanilla extract


Combine all the liquid ingredients together, then mix in the sugar. Use in the shower, rubbing it into your skin in circular motions. Rinse sugar off (don’t wash the oil off though!) for silky smooove and well-moisturized skin.

Once you’ve made your sugar scrub, store it in a glass container with a lid. You can also substitute other oils (coconut is great too)  in place of the almond oil, if you’d like. In place of vanilla extract, you can use your favorite essential or fragrance oil. I used cinnamon and it smells great! A little lemon juice would also make it smell really fresh.

My scrub has lasted 6 months and is still going strong. You can also  add a few drops of tea tree or rosemary essential oils, which are natural preservatives that might help make the scrub last a bit longer.

Benefits of Brown Sugar:

  • Not only is brown sugar tasty, but it’s great for the skin too
  • Sugar scrubs are gentler than salt scrubs, and they help the exfoliation process and removal of unwanted dead skin
  • Sugar contains natural acids that help to dissolve dead cells
  • Sugars also helps lift away dirt and excess oil and also helps with circulation