Socks for everyone!

hey, nice whale socks!

Today I was cold…very, very cold. As some of you may know, I am currently taking a vacation from summer in lovely San Francisco, the city where you can go if you want to thoroughly confuse your sense of seasons.

Today I found myself on Pier 39 watching the sea lions nap and flop around, when I realized that I was waaaay underdressed. Whale socks to the rescue! I am so happy that I discovered Portland-based kneesock purveyors Sock It To Me.

I don’t know what to order first, I’m so excited. Owls, rainbows… space socks?

Ebay Scoops

What I’ve got my eye on at the moment. LOVE love love the Blondie shirt, and two pairs of vintage Balenciaga sunglasses for under $60 each. Seriously. Someone has to buy that shirt.

1. Vintage Blondie Shirt

2. Swedish Hasbeen Mary Janes

3. Black and white vintage Balenciaga sunglasses

4. Circa 1970’s Bonnie Cashin for Coach saddlebag

What have you found lately?

Buy A Cool Shirt, Help A Kid With Autism

I love the peacock feathers!

Now this is the kind of charity I can really get behind.

These shirts look like something I would buy anyway, but they are made even sweeter by the fact that this company donates $7 from every $22 sale to a different cause every week. This week, they’re providing special emergency kits to the parents of kids with Autism.

According to their site:

“This week your support will protect a child with autism by providing their parents with an emergency kit equipped with critical tools to assist in preventing and responding to emergencies. This kit includes door alarms for their home, an ID tag for the child, visual safety prompts to be displayed on doors and windows, and an emergency plan. ”

Autism can be difficult to deal with, but it doesn’t have to devastate a family.
These limited edition shirts provide support for children dealing with the challenging effects of Autism.

Buy A Shirt, Help A Child

I just ordered mine!

Old But New


Vintage gold-plated turtles with red enameled shells paired with Czech glass

You had me at “a pair of pliers and a pile of castaway treasures.”

The things in this shop remind me of the best things found at a rummage sale, just when you’re about to give up and start questioning your decision to paw through jewelry-box rejects from the velour tracksuit-wearing mavens sitting behind the folding tables.

I love the way this designer makes everything seem modern and fresh, while keeping it all authentically old lady.

Old But New on Etsy

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Pick of the Week- Kim White Reversible Handbags



Amazingly, this bag can be worn on two different sides.

Handbag designer Kim White gets all of her  fabric from unused vintage furniture and auto upholstery. The textiles are incredibly durable and beautifully complex, and each bag comes with a little change purse that hooks to a loop on the inside/outside since there are no pockets.

I was also lucky enough to grab this little purse, made from ’79 Mustang in a crazy optical 80’s pattern that makes me feel like I’m on my way to a Blondie concert.

Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to do this myself…but why don’t you take it on as a project and send me the results!