Strawberry Chiffon Shortcake

Please excuse the green plastic lid that I have chosen to use as a plate here. Not very pretty…but I am living as an extreme minimalist this month as explained in previous posts and thus only posses one large bowl (with green lid) and 2 dinner plates that proved to be too concave for cake-holding purposes.
Happy Birthday Mama Jess!

I didn’t even realize it, but I’ve been waiting to make this cake since I was about seven. My mom had this calendar of cakes, and there was one luscious, towering pile of cake, whipped cream and strawberries that looked like the most unreal, delicious thing that I had ever laid eyes on. I used to ask all the time if I could have it for my birthday and …well, my mom has made many a fine cake in her day, but she never seemed to get around to it.

I had totally forgotten about this, but when I presented my mom with this cake today for her birthday (Happy Birthday Mrs. Bolt!) she immediately recognized it as the relic from my childhood imagination that it is, exclaiming “That’s the cake! The cake from the calendar!” Of course, she was right….and it was every bit as delicious and wonderful as I had always imagined.


You could *probably* make this cake a lot healthier. Maybe something involving stevia, chia seeds instead of all the eggs and oil, and yogurt as a topping? I think I’ll try that as a project sometime. In the meantime, here’s the all-out, birthday-approved version.

Recipe after the jump:

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