The Science of Procrastination

Did I mention that I’m now a grad student? this video is particularly relevant to me at the moment (in fact, I’m posting this in class…hah!)

And solutions? One is the Pomodoro technique, a time-management method similar to timeboxing that uses timed intervals of work and reward.

“Human motivation is highly influenced by how imminent the reward is perceived to be — meaning, the further away the reward is, the more you discount its value. This is often referred to as Present bias, or Hyperbolic discounting.”

Also check out The Thief of Time: Philosophical Essays on Procrastination

{via Brain Pickings}

The Month of Writing Furiously

October 23, 2010  

So, I've decided to undertake a writing project of gargantuan proportions. I signed up for National Novel Writing Month. During the month of November, I am to write 50,ooo words of an original novel. Somehow, I feel like this is just what I needed. I work best under pressure- it's very freeing. I feel like it smashes mental blocks with a sledgehammer of calm purpose. In college, I used to write all my papers the night before, and most of my poems a few hours before class. I love it. You have no choice but to get to the heart of the matter. Do or die. 50,000 words is roughly 175 pages, which is 6 pages a day. It can be done. I think if I write for two hours a day I can finish it, no problem. There's no judging of the work, so editing can happen later. Apparently someone actually published a novel that they wrote for this thing called "Water For Elephants," which is now being made into a movie (starring Robert Pattison, which is unfortunate. But still inspiring). You aren't supposed to actually start writing until Nov. 1, but all sorts of planning is definitely allowed. And if I fail to finish the entire thing….well, then I have been writing consistently for one month, which is pretty good too.