Buy A Cool Shirt, Help A Kid With Autism

I love the peacock feathers!

Now this is the kind of charity I can really get behind.

These shirts look like something I would buy anyway, but they are made even sweeter by the fact that this company donates $7 from every $22 sale to a different cause every week. This week, they’re providing special emergency kits to the parents of kids with Autism.

According to their site:

“This week your support will protect a child with autism by providing their parents with an emergency kit equipped with critical tools to assist in preventing and responding to emergencies. This kit includes door alarms for their home, an ID tag for the child, visual safety prompts to be displayed on doors and windows, and an emergency plan. ”

Autism can be difficult to deal with, but it doesn’t have to devastate a family.
These limited edition shirts provide support for children dealing with the challenging effects of Autism.

Buy A Shirt, Help A Child

I just ordered mine!