Alone In the Wilderness? Don’t Forget Your Swiss Army Tampon

What CAN’T it do?

I was all set to do a nice little post about my trip to the farmer’s market today, but then I came across this bit of fantastic information about one of our most everyday objects and the subject of, well, nothing usually. People pretty much ignore them but it’s time to celebrate…the tampon!

Men, listen up: the next time your girlfriend asks you to pick up some tampons at the store and you cringe inwardly, remember this and proudly slap that box down on the register. You might be using them as a field dressing! To stuff bullet wounds! To make a blow dart in the jungle! To save a life.

I, like most people, was not aware of this but the tampon (derived from the French word tapon or “little stopper”) is actually classified by the US Food and Drug Administration as a Class II Medical Device. There is quite a bit of evidence suggesting that they were in fact used on the battlefield before being used as a feminine hygiene product and according to my reliable sources, Army Medics still carry them in their kits. Tampons were used in the 19th century as well as during WWI to plug bullet holes, and were even used in the Iraq War. You can plug a bullet hole, stuff a bloody nose, and make a quick and effective bandage- all from one sterile little package.

I also discovered that the tampon has many uses for crazy survivalists, as outlined below. My favorite? The deadfall trap. What the hell would you need to trap with a Macgyvered tampon and then drop a giant log onto? I dunno, guess I’ll have to go ask someone in Utah.

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